EOS cryptocurrency

EOS can truly be called an innovative cryptocurrency, which attracts the attention of many users. It is designed to ensure the existence of decentralized applications. The algorithm of operation of the crypt involves the use of asynchronous communication technology and parallel processing. This guarantees instant implementation of millions of financial transactions within a second, that can be considered unprecedented in the world of blockchain. Recall that the duration of transactions is the most serious drawback of the legendary Bitcoin.

One of the creators of EOS, first announced in the spring of 2017, was Dan Lorimer, previously successfully promoted Bitshares and Steemit. During the presentation of the project, he claimed that his blockchain could become a mainstream technology, provided that the use of operations and traffic are serious. Credit networks require to perform 62.4 thousand operations per second, the social network Facebook is able to process 54.8 thousand likes per second except for a variety of messages and posts, and the entire financial market produces 120.5 thousand operations per second.

At its core, EOS acts as an operating system with which you can run ICO for various projects. Its demand is determined by the policy of the adjacent developers, which owns 15% of the coins.

How to buy EOS cryptocurrency?

EOS cryptocurrency

Getting this cryptocurrency with the help of traditional mining is not possible. The distribution of tokens is implemented inside Ethereum, the amount of emission is 1 billion. To get the crypt you need to send a certain number of coins Ethereum to the specifial address. After the end of trading, the available amount of tokens will be distributed within the pool of participants of the session, in accordance with the size of the purchased shares.
There is a simpler way to purchase EOS – it is enough to use the services of popular cryptocurrency exchanges:

What are the features of EOS?

EOS cryptocurrency

One of the advantages of the project is connected with its developers, who got great credibility due to the original approach to creating new platforms. The system operates on the basis of the protocol DpoS, which requires the proof of possession. The algorithm obligates the participant to delegate confirmation of the operation to the selected “witness”, which is one of the 20 hubs with the maximum capital.

The increase in the price of EOS was marked at the end of June, when one coin gave no more than $0.01. After a few days, the cryptocurrency cost $0.9. By July 2, the price rose to $4.24 and this is still a record for the currency. After that, the value of the digital coins began to decline, reaching $ 1.77, but then again there has been a positive trend.

Despite its short history, in early July, 2017, EOS was able to step confidently into the world’s top ten cryptocurrency with largest capitalisation. Now it ranks the 12th place with the  $399 382 546 capitalization.

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