What is Telegram ICO and why conduct it

ICO Telegram has become a key event of the year. The decision of Pavel Durov to invest an unprecedented sum of $ 2 billion was noticed by all. Now it seems that it was possible to invest much more, because Telegram tokens are valued by investors more than shares of Facebook.

For all who are just mastering the sphere of crypto-currency we remind that the abbreviation ISO stands for Initial coin offering. The procedure itself is as follows. A project issues tokens (special coupons), intended for use when paying for certain services of this site and that are replacement of conventional money.

In comparison with the primary sale of traditional securities (IPO), investors don’t get a stake in the company that deprives them of the opportunity to influence and manage the platform.

Issue of Telegram tokens and launch of the ICO allows to achieve the following objectives:

  • attracting in the project additional capital
  • giving a new impetus to the development of the company through raised funds

Taking into account the development of the messenger only at the expense of the personal capital of its founder Pavel Durov, the creation of its own cryptocurrency Telegram was quite expected.

People who invest in cryptocurrency want to achieve the following goals:

  • obtaining future income from the growth of the cryptocurrency value
  • intention to support the project of interest
  • use of tokens to pay for services within the project or to transfer funds to other users.

When the Telegram ICO will be

What is Telegram ICO

Investors, whose names are not called announce the opening of Telegrams presales for major in-vestments in January 2018. The end of this phase is expected before the end of February. Accord-ing to preliminary data, the beginning of the ICO is scheduled for March this year, but the exact date is not yet known. After that, anyone will be able to buy the cryptocurrency from Telegram.

Why is Telegram launching ICO now?

What is Telegram ICO

Durov repeatedly expressed reluctance to part with the Telegram, but every time it seemed that he was bluffing. The owner of the messenger is not a poor person, but the financial injections in the project in the amount of $ 1 million per month are too burdensome, even for Durov.

In an interview with Bloomberg Durov said that potential investors are ready to pay for the mes-senger from 3 to 5 billion dollars. A few weeks later, after the appearance of the first messages about the ICO, it becomes clear that indicated price is an extremely low. The maximum amount of pre-sale tokens was determined by issuers in the amount of 850 million dollars, but in the first days the creators of the cryptocurrency received applications for 3.8 billion dollars.

If the TON platform and the digital currency will be really launched, there are serious prerequisites for the token value growth taking into account the constant increase in the number of users of the application. In addition, the payment system of Telegram has already been created and it is not difficult to make payments by cryptocurrency.

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